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Safety accidents occur frequently in iron and steel industry, safety alarm bell rings again

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One person died in a safety accident at Xingye Mining Company

Xingye Mining announced in the evening that at 6 p.m. on June 22, a safety accident occurred in Juyuan Mining Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, Bahrain Right Banner, which resulted in one death. At present, the local government has set up an accident investigation team, which is investigating the causes of the accident.

Juyuan Mining is mainly engaged in mining, dressing and marketing of lead, zinc and silver and other metal mines, with a production scale of 150,000 tons per year. The company said that Juyuan Mining's operating performance accounted for a small proportion of the company's consolidated statements. In 2012, Juyuan Mining realized sales revenue of 79.7922 million yuan (9.02%) and net profit of 5.5674 million yuan (4.29%). Therefore, it has little impact on the company's operating performance in 2013.

One person died and one was trapped in a coal mine accident in Pu'an County, Guizhou Province

It is reported that a roof accident occurred in Tianpu Coal Mine, Louxia Town, Pu'an County, Guizhou Province on the 26th, killing one person and rescuing another trapped person. A roof accident occurred in Tianpu Coal Mine on the 26th, trapping two people. One person has been rescued and died on the way to hospital. Another man is in rescue. At present, the cause of the accident is not clear, and the cause of the accident evening report is also under investigation.

No one died in Fuxin Iron and Steel Explosion in Tongling

At 11:20 on June 27, a huge explosion broke out in Tongling Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. on the outskirts of Tongling City, and then mushroom clouds rose. The strong shock wave damaged the factory buildings to varying degrees. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Immediately after receiving the report, the Bureau dispatched personnel to the scene to monitor, and the surrounding environment was not affected. At present, Tongling City has asked the suburban government to set up an investigation team to find out the cause of the accident.

"I watched the fire in the sky, and then a huge mushroom cloud," a citizen of Tongling said. At 11:00 a.m. yesterday, there was a light rain in Tongling. Three loud explosions suddenly came from Tongling Fuxin Iron and Steel Company. "My computer desk is shaking, and now I still have palpitations."

The accident caused no casualties. A staff member of the Bureau said that after receiving the report, they rushed to the scene immediately. The accident happened in the No. 1 hot metal stove of the company. Somehow, the hot metal and slag of the hot metal stove flowed outdoors. When they met the water, they exploded, instantly produced a large amount of steam, and the shock wave damaged the plant. The staff member said that at present, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau has asked the suburban government to set up an accident investigation team quickly to identify the causes of the accident and strengthen the training of staff.

Explosion Accident of No.2 100 Ton Converter in No .1 Steelmaking Plant of Xingang Group

At 11:22 on April 1, 2013, an explosion occurred in No. 2 100 ton converter of No. 1 Steelmaking Plant of Xingang Group. The accident resulted in four deaths and 28 injuries to varying degrees. At present, the production and living order of Xingang Group Company is in good order, and the staff is stable.

After the accident, Xinyu Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and Xingang Group attach great importance to it. Liu Jie, deputy secretary and mayor of Xinyu Municipal Party Committee, rushed to the accident scene at the first time, held an emergency meeting to coordinate the aftermath, and asked Xinyu Steel Group Company to investigate the causes of the accident in detail, investigate the hidden dangers of the accident in an all-round way, and spare no effort to the injured. Go for treatment.

In addition, on December 7, 2012, two people were killed and 13 injured when a 270-ton ladle was hoisted by a steelmaking branch of Baosteel Co. (600019, stock bar).

Facing every accident, I feel very sad! Every accident has taught us a painful lesson and cautious warning, which fully proves that our safety work has not been achieved. The author believes that safety work should be done as well as work efficiency, not only in form, but how to put safety work into practice and achieve the effect of real work is the focus of the work. On the one hand, through preaching and teaching learning, on the other hand, it also depends on management and supervision, so as to create a safe work. Good security atmosphere, such unsafe factors are difficult to grow.

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