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Nonferrous metals are still waiting to be warmed up

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Gold hit a new low in five years, copper hit a new low in six years, and aluminium quotation broke 10,000 yuan. So much sad news announces that the nonferrous metal industry is still in a downturn.

Data can't lie. Recently, the relevant data released by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association show that the prosperity index of the medium-colored copper industry in October is 22.59, which keeps approaching the lower edge of the "cooler" range; the prosperity index of the medium-colored aluminum smelting industry is 20.81, which is also in the "cooler" range, and the index has been declining for seven consecutive months.

Heavy pressure

Although Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, visited Chinalco recently, and Ge Honglin, chairman and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Chinalco, looked into the future, cooperated with innovative entities and business enterprises, held in-depth discussions, and agreed on the working principles and operating methods for the next step, the situation facing the whole industry was still difficult to describe. View.

Ma Yun said that Alibaba Group is looking forward to cooperating with China Alibaba, starting from the non-ferrous industry, gradually radiating to the traditional industries such as ferrous metal industry, coal industry and petrochemical industry, so as to change the original image of small and medium-sized enterprises service platform, improve the Alibaba platform industry layout and industry structure, and make A a better place for the development of Alibaba platform industry. Ribaba e-commerce platform is widely promoted in various industries.

This brings a glimmer of hope to the troubled non-ferrous metal industry, especially Chinalco. With the increasing downward pressure of the aluminum industry and serious overcapacity, the Internet may ease the pressure of offline sales to a certain extent. But the current industrial dilemma is really a headache for enterprises. In this context, China Aluminum has issued a number of announcements in order to get rid of non-performing assets and implement the "subtraction" approach in order to reverse losses.

On November 14, Aluminum China issued a series of announcements about the company's plans to transfer the housing assets of Aluminum China Hong Kong Limited, the company's plans to dispose of some assets of Guizhou Branch, and the company's plans to transfer all shares of Aluminum China Nanhai Alloy Co., Ltd. For the above three asset sales, the company said it would increase cash flow and reduce the asset-liability ratio.

According to the average weighted cost, the price of aluminium dropped to 10,000 yuan, and 63.5% of domestic enterprises suffered cash losses. According to the full cost, the price of aluminium has dropped to 10,000 yuan, and more than 80% of the domestic operating capacity is in deficit. This shows that the price of aluminium has fallen below the cost line, while a considerable number of electrolytic aluminium enterprises are in a very disadvantageous situation.

The aluminium industry is in a bad state, and the copper industry is also in a bad state. Officials from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association expect that the downward pressure on the copper industry will remain high in the fourth quarter of this year. In the downstream industry, the output of the main terminal copper industry continued to decline. Among them, the output of power cables and air conditioners declined. Only the State Grid showed signs of accelerating investment.

There are other data to support that listed companies in non-ferrous metals industry reported a 0.35% increase in revenue in the third quarter of 2015 compared with the same period last year, and the net profit of shareholders belonging to the parent company fell as much as 34.82% compared with the same period last year. Under the multi-bearish resonance, the non-ferrous metal industry as a whole grew from positive to negative in the third quarter of 2015, and the industry as a whole lost in the third quarter.

In addition, according to the data of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the prices of copper, aluminium, lead and zinc in China decreased by 15.5%, 7.7%, 6.3% and 0.2% from January to October, respectively, compared with the same period of last year, and fell by 36.8%, 25.9%, 20.3% and 10.2% from 2011, respectively.

"Initially, it is estimated that the added value of non-ferrous metals industry will increase by about 9% in 2015, and the output of ten kinds of non-ferrous metals will exceed 51 million tons. As the original supporting factors weaken or disappear, and new supporting factors are still in the process of formation, the adjustment of non-ferrous metal market will continue for 1 to 2 years. This will put a heavy pressure on the price of non-ferrous metals, the economic benefits of enterprises and the recovery of investment in fixed assets. Jia Xing, vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said.


Looking forward to international capacity cooperation

In the context of sustained pressure, relevant enterprises began to place their hopes on strengthening international capacity cooperation. Prior to this, the State Council issued the Guidelines on Promoting International Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation, in which non-ferrous metals were placed high hopes.

Jia Xing told China Enterprise that China has advantages in strengthening international capacity cooperation, such as China's electrolytic aluminium, which is completely its own equipment and technology. Many Chinese enterprises are doing very well in the surrounding countries and underdeveloped areas.

"The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has set up a special office to promote international capacity cooperation. I have exchanged with them. We hope that good policies will be introduced." Jia Xing said.

"In the field of aluminium electrolysis, China has performed well in Kazakhstan, India, Malaysia, Iran and other places." Jia Xing said.

Wang Hongqian, general manager of China Nonferrous Metals Construction Co., Ltd., has publicly stated that international capacity cooperation is becoming an important measure for China's nonferrous metal industry to "go out", promote win-win cooperation and optimize global value chain. Electrolytic aluminium is an excess capacity in China, but many countries do not have capacity for electrolytic aluminium, so electrolysis Aluminum production capacity should "go out".

As early as a few years ago, China Nonferrous Metals Construction Co., Ltd. became the undertaker and beneficiary of international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation. The project of Kazakhstan Electrolytic Aluminum Plant is a general contracting project for overseas construction of electrolytic aluminium by domestic enterprises, and it is also an electrolytic aluminium plant in Kazakhstan. It is reported that the Ha-Aluminum project has adopted the core technology of China's electrolytic aluminium, created an astonishing speed of China's construction, and demonstrated the quality of China's technology and engineering.

As early as the end of last year, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council put forward the concept of "international capacity cooperation". In international capacity cooperation with Kazakhstan, in the first half of this year, Chinese and Kazakh leaders signed 33 documents in Beijing, including capacity cooperation in the field of non-ferrous metals.

China Nonferrous Metals Group Co., a leading non-ferrous metal enterprise, has 20 million tons of non-ferrous metal resources abroad. Its investment projects cover 27 countries and regions, and its construction projects and international trade business radiate more than 80 countries and regions.

The "going out" effect of non-ferrous metals is obvious. When the Guiding Opinions on Promoting International Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation refers to the promotion of cooperation between iron and steel and non-ferrous industries in foreign production capacity, it is pointed out that the construction of iron and steel production bases can drive the export of iron and steel equipment; combined with the development of overseas mineral resources, it can be extended. Tourist industry chain, non-ferrous metal smelting and deep processing, can drive the export of complete sets of equipment.

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